Enterprise resource planning(ERP)


It is an integrated and interconnected ERP system to cover all the needs of all its departments, including warehouses, general accounts, production and manufacturing stages, a human resources system, financial accounts, linking branches and includes many applications in one integrated program, so there is no need now for programs that serve one department and the facility is forced to work on more than one program to cover All departments have, and this leads to inaccuracy of data and slow decision-making, thus it is considered the first safety to maintain corporate investments because of its many advantages through its many interconnected applications, which give the advantage of being easy to extract data because it depends on one source and not separate programs.




All this and more in one system that contains a huge amount of reports with thousands of analyzes that are characterized by speed and accuracy, and also provide financial statements that give a future vision to help decision-makers to predict and prevent risks, as well as exploit new investment opportunities.







Softmagic ERP GOLD Edition Modules






Program for monitoring freight movement and weights


The truck scale management program has been prepared according to the best specifications to meet the needs of the company and in line with the existing system in order to improve the efficiency of the weighing process in order to ensure the speed and ease of procedures by relying on modern technologies, so the process of weighing the empty and standing car is carried out and the data are as follows: The product code – the first weight – the gross weight – the net weight – the time of the first weight – the time of the second weight – in addition to recording any notes) and the processes are followed as shown below:


– Log in the car on the security portal.


– Issuing the shipment permit according to the previously established sales contracts.


– Entering the scale to record the empty weight.


– Entering the scale to record the total weight and extract a statement of the net weight.


Record the weight at the shipping office and extract the exit permit.


The ability to monitor the scale’s movement centrally (Online) for stations that have an internet connection.








In this program, the full management of the procurement cycle takes place inside the company or the facility and everything related to it from general accounts and stores and its most important items:


– The movement of purchase invoices.


– Return movement of purchases.


Analyze purchases and make detailed analytical comparisons of period, supplier, and items.






Vendor accounts


This program achieves accurate management of suppliers’ accounts with linking to general accounts, and among its most important items:


The movement of suppliers’ payments (cash / checks).


Supplier settlements movement.


– Follow-up payment papers and the possibility of payment in more than one way.


Reports of suppliers’ balances.








In this program, we dealt with all the professionalism and flexibility to manage the daily movement of sales and their impact on the general accounts and inventory, and the following are the most important operations associated with this movement:


– The movement of booking sales orders and following up on their implementation and following up on those suspended.


The movement of direct sales invoices and various payment methods.


Sales return movement.


Analyzing sales by years, months, and days, making comparisons and evaluating customers, delegates and items.






Customer accounts


This program has proven its competence in managing clients’ accounts accurately and quickly through the following:


Movement of customer payments (cash / checks).


– Follow-up of receipts, the possibility of collection in more than one way, and the possibility of endorsing checks for suppliers.


– The movement of customer settlements and discounts.


Dealing with different price levels and linking the customer to a specific price level.


– Reports of clients’ balances are collected and detailed and make analytical comparisons of their withdrawals.






The cash covenant


In this program, the urgent need for companies to follow up and manage the cash covenant was met, which are the sums that are disbursed to the company’s employees as a temporary or permanent custody for the purpose of paying expenses for the company or purchasing items for it, through the following:


– The movement to receive the Covenant.


Covenant Settlement Movement.


– Detailed and analytical reports of employee and branch custody statements.


Reports for the total employee custody at the company level.






Distribution era (incoming and outgoing payloads)


Ahed program to follow up the movement of incoming and outgoing loads of distribution goods and has been designed to record and inventory the custody of delegates, with the possibility of transferring custody from one delegate to another, and the covenant is dealt with according to controls determined by the company.






Warehouses and warehouses


Inventory control is one of the most vital departments in any organization, and Softmagic has excelled in the output of this program to enable the facility to tighten control over stores and obtain all data and analyzes for all items through the following:


– Automatic posting of sales, purchases and their returns in the warehouse.


– Transfer warehouse movement to facilitate the transfer of items from store to store.


– Setting an order limit for the items and displaying a detailed report for re-ordering.


Setting a sufficiency limit for items and a detailed report for items in excess of need.


Identify waste and damaged items and remove them from the store to control the balances.


– The possibility of making inventory adjustments using the latest technologies and using the (Data Collector), making a comparison between the balance before and after the settlement, and determining inventory differences in terms of deficit or increase in quantity and value with precision.


– Analytical and detailed reports on the inventory of warehouses, each store separately or collectively, and making occasional reports for quantitative and valuable stores.






Treasury movement


The Treasury Movement program handles everything related to collection and payment operations in all its forms (cash – credit – checks) through an integrated system, the most important of which are the following:


Automatic posting of sales and purchases and their (cash) returns in the treasury.


Automatic posting of customer and supplier cash payments in the Treasury.


– Automatic posting of cash disbursements in the treasury.


– The movement of transfers between different safes, with the identification of the sender and the recipient of the treasury.


Receipt of cash custody with the date and number of the movement and the treasurer of the sender and recipient.


– Cash supply At the end of the day for the main treasury.


– Detailed treasury balances reports and a comparison between treasury and between periods.






Bank accounts


Following up and monitoring the movements of the bank accounts of the facility during a specific period or after conducting several transactions with banks is one of the most important factors for tight control over the follow-up of funds periodically, and for this Softmagic produced this program to follow up the movement of bank accounts accurately, quickly and easily, through several important reports that enable the establishment’s officials To view balances and alerts associated with them.


The following are the most important moves to achieve this:


– The movement of cash deposits and withdrawals to and from the bank linked to a specific treasury.


– Check deposit movement related to clients’ check portfolio.


Movement of bank expenses and revenues.


The movement of transfers between different bank accounts.


– The possibility of defining the credit card ratio to determine the bank commission rate and migrating the visa sales to the bank account, net of commission.


– Making bank reports and knowing the detailed account statement.


Cash balance and checks under collection.








This program is concerned with dealing with expenditures, which are considered one of the most important sections of public accounts, with their direct and indirect effects on the firm’s profits, and we review the following the most important contents of this program:


Create an expense tree for easy extraction of general or analytical reports.


– Expenses are posted on a specific cost center to determine the total cost of that center over a period.


– Reports of expenditures during a period and comparing the value of expenditures with years, months and days.






Manufacturing and production stages


This program has been prepared to manage the manufacturing process that takes place inside the organization with the children of others, including all production stations in which the product passes through several stages, which facilitates accounting and control over production costs, determining expenditures and revenues, and knowing imports and exports in a clear manner that achieves profits and gives the ability to make sound decisions, The most important terms and operations of this program are summarized as follows:


Determining stores of raw materials and auxiliary materials and production requirements.


Creating groups of materials and supplies to separate their inventory and movements.


– Making a job order, identifying the components of the finished product, details of the raw materials and production requirements used, and identifying the stores from which those raw materials are withdrawn


– Making a manufacturing movement and linking it to a previous job order for easy withdrawal of raw materials from its stores and for easy determination of the cost of the complete product.


– The possibility of making production stages and making product transfers in operation between those stages.


– Detailed reports of the products in operation and their cost at any stage and the port of them.


Determining operating expenses and linking them to service suppliers and distributing them to the manufacturing movement to reach the final cost of the finished product.


The possibility of adding direct and indirect costs to the complete product.


Analytical reports of production costs and a comparison between actual and standard costs.






Partner checking accounts


The Partners’ Current Accounts program is concerned with following up the transactions that occur between the partners and the company during the financial period, as a personal account is opened for each partner called a partner’s current account, and the movement of these accounts is followed up through the following:


– Partner withdrawals movement.


Partner deposit movement.


Analytical reports of partners’ balances.






Documentary Credits


The documentary credits program is one of the important tools for companies whose work is related to foreign trade and import, as it organizes all operations related to accreditation through the following:


– Determine the number of the letter and the date of arrival of the shipment.


Determine the bank responsible for covering this credit and the coverage rate.


– Determine the expenses of opening the credit with the supplier.


Determine the credit varieties quantity and price.


– Make all expenses on your side and charge them to the credit.


– The distribution of those expenditures among the items of credit.


– Determine the actual quantity received and close the credit.






Selection and Recruitment Process Management (SRM) software


This program is one of the most powerful employee recruitment tools, as it saves time, effort and a lot of money spent on many advertisements to recruit the skills that the company needs for each of its departments, and it allows employees to enter their data on the job inclination linked directly to the company’s website so that managers can see the applicants’ data and compare Among them in terms of academic qualifications, experience and personal skills, and all this is done easily and conveniently to choose the most worthy of the requirements of the job being applied for, and thus we saved the costs of recurring job advertisements, and we were able to dispense with the paper archive.






Human Resource Management (HR)


This program is considered as an electronic archive for employee data, as it provides administrative and personal data for each employee through:


Identify employees and enter their personal data and qualifications.


– Entering salaries, allowances and overtime details.


Determine the names of the departments and sub-departments to which each employee belongs.






Salary Administration and Production Incentives (SPR)


This program is one of the most important programs of the system as it fully manages the salaries and entitlements of employees with full fulfillment of their financial information, attendance movements and calculations of their salaries through automatic automatic processes from their various departments, and the most important of these processes are summarized as follows:


Defining employees and their codes on the fingerprint device and registering attendance and departure through the fingerprint device.


Establishing the company’s work code and attendance and departure schedule, and linking them to the fingerprint machine.


The possibility of manual attendance and departure registration in the event of a malfunction of the fingerprint device.


– The possibility of disbursing an advance to the employee and paying it from his salary or scheduling it in more than one payment.


– The movement of penalties and bonuses and their impact on the arrest sheet.


Determining the employee’s weekly and annual leaves, requesting the leave and determining its type.


Analytical reports of individual and departmental salaries, vacations and delays for each employee. – Reports of attendance and departure of employees.


The ability to print cards with a barcode feature to be used in the event of a malfunction of the fingerprint device.






Customer Affairs Management (CRM)


Customer relationship management and service (includes complete customer data and analytical reports of his satisfaction rate).


Managing sales and following up on quotations.


Connecting the sales department with contracts.


– Keeping customer data secured with the ability to list analytical reports in the governorate and region.


– After sales service and its analytical reports.






General Accounts (GL)


Among the most important contents of the public accounts program:


The possibility of coding the chart of accounts up to the seventh level.


The possibility of defining an infinite number of cost centers to link the daily restrictions with them.


– The possibility of migrating from all the system’s programs to general accounts automatically.


– The program contains a ledger for each account in the tree.


– Balance of audits of totals and balances.


– income list.


– A detailed financial position list and detailed general accounts reports with the ability to specify a specific period for any report and determine the level of the report to be printed.






Branches orders and linking them online (SBM)


It became easy for the manager of any branch to make an order from within the branch with the deficiencies of the items, then the department receives these orders and are prepared from the main stores and neighboring branches. Thus, any confirmed sales opportunity was avoided.






Substitution and Central Branches (ITO)


The number of times the capital turnover for one fiscal year (the rate of working capital turnover) is one of the most important factors for the success of the establishment. The higher this indicates the efficiency of the facility’s management and its ability to make a profit in addition to the positive impact on cash liquidity and vice versa whenever it is low, this means the presence of capital Frozen represented in idle inventory, and then the establishment bears risks resulting from the increase in the costs of maintaining inventory in excess of its needs, which exposes the establishment to multiple risks, including bankruptcy, God forbid.


Here comes the role of (ITO Module), which is characterized by its ability to automatically measure the ratio of working capital turnover with a high degree of accuracy that is difficult to quantify with manual systems and works to compare these ratios and apply the compensation system automatically with a very simple human intervention that leads to not losing confirmed sales opportunities in addition to withdrawing The surplus from other branches, in addition to avoiding freezing of capital, which seriously harms institutions as a result of the inability to properly manage capital in traditional systems.






Financial analysis


Financial analysis is the process of understanding and interpreting the financial position of the company, and it aims to evaluate methods of investing and investing money in companies, and studying the efficiency and profits resulting from their operations, and it depends on the use of a group of means, such as analyzing financial ratios in order to realize opportunities and problems related to investment and knowing the size of cash flows and profits, And expenses and financial analysis is often used to study the financial condition of the facility, in terms of whether it is stable and profitable or not.


On the basis of the results of the financial analysis, operating plans are drawn up for future periods, which contribute significantly to increasing profits and increasing the volume of cash flow for companies. These ratios are represented in a set of determinants called financial analysis.


Financial analysis has several goals that financial analysts set and use specific tools to achieve those goals, and these tools are several financial ratios that they analyze.


Analyzing financial ratios is an important method of financial analysis as it helps companies and investors in analyzing and comparing relationships between the various parts of financial information throughout the company’s history.

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